Houdini 11 Houdini Object Model hou

If called from an evaluating parm, return the node containing the parm. Otherwise, return Houdini’s global current node. You can change this current node with hou.cd



This function is a shortcut for writing hou.node(".").

Note that Python and hscript both share the same global current node. So, if you change that node in hscript, the return value of pwd() will reflect that change, and vice versa.

Note that if this function is called from an expression inside a node’s parameter, Houdini will return the node containing the expression, not Houdini’s current node. This behavior permits relative parameter and node references from both Hscript and Python parameter expressions, since functions like hou.ch, ch, hou.evalParm, hou.parm_, and hou.node_ are relative to the result of hou.pwd().

This function will raise hou.NotAvailable if you call it from mplay.


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