Houdini 11 Shelf tools

Tools on the Drive Particles tab let you manipulate particle systems in the scene view.

Shelf items

AdvectMoves particles using a velocity field.
AttractorAttracts or repels particles using a referenced Force SOP or Point SOP.
Attribute TransferTransfers point or vertex attributes from reference geometry onto particles.
CollisionSets attributes on and/or groups particles when they collide with geometry.
ColorChanges a particle’s diffuse color and/or alpha.
CreepCauses selected particles to stick to or slide along the surface of an object.
DragApplies drag to the linear velocity of particles, which slows down the particles at every frame.
FanApplies a cone-shaped force to particles.
FollowMakes particles follow a leader.
ForceApplies a directional force on particles.
GravityApplies a strong downward force to particles.
InstanceReplaces each particle with a geometric shape when it is rendered.
InteractMakes particles attract or repel other particles..
KillKills particles based on expressions.
NoiseAdds random force to each individual particle.
OrbitCalculates and applies forces necessary to make particles orbit around a centerpoint. You must choose the centerpoint in the parameter editor.
RenderReplaces each particle with a predefined simple shape, which you can select in the operation controls toolbar or parameter editor.
SpriteReplaces each particle with an image, which can have transparency.
TorqueRotates particles around another point.
WindAccelerates particles up to a maximum speed.