Houdini 11 Shelf tools Pyro FX tab

Creates flames rising from the selected object, essentially setting the object on fire.

See how to use the pyro tools.


  • Use the turbulence controls on the pyrosolver node, Simulation / Turbulence tab, to set the basic the look of the fire. Flames usually need high turbulence.

  • To create persistent flames, the flames network uses a low gas release rate to prevent explosion.

  • The simulation has a high heat output so the smoke from the fire rises faster than the flames.

  • On the pyrosolver node, Simulation / Turbulence / Mappings sub-tab, use the Map force scale to amplitude ramp to control where the turbulence goes. The initial ramp puts more turbulence where the flames are dense, but drops at the highest point (the source), because high turbulence at the source will send flames in random directions.