Rust Perforation VEX node

Simulates a rusty, possibly perforated material.

See also: Cavities, Global Variables, Lighting Model, Mold

This operator simulates a rusty, possibly perforated material.

You will first generate a material that outputs a color, then pipe its output into the Surface Color input of this operator.

The rust and perforation thresholds control the contribution of each stage of corrosion, and represent good candidates for animation at the shader level if tied to Parameter operators.

If the Surface Position (P) and Surface Color (Cf) inputs are not connected, the global variables by the same name will be used instead. Typically, you will use Rest Position or UV Space Change as inputs for ā€œPā€, and any operator that yields a lit color, such as Shiny Metal or Lighting Model, as inputs for ā€œCfā€. If you need to access the global variables directly, they are available from the Global Variables operator.

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