pcexport VEX function

Writes data to a point cloud inside a pciterate or a pcunshaded loop.

Contexts: image3d, chop, cop, pop, sop, surface, displace, fog, light, shadow, photon, cvex

See also: pcwrite, pcopen, pciterate, pcunshaded

  1. int pcexport(int handle, string channel_name, value [, "storage", string storage_type])

Returns 1 if the export succeeded or 0 if the export failed. The export will fail if channel_name is not read-write.

This function writes to the channels of points opened with pcopen. To write new point data into a point cloud file, use pcwrite.

Storage type

If you add the "storage" optional keyword, the next argument specifies a storage_type for the data. Storage types are the standard tile based format data types:

int8, uint88 bit signed/unsigned integers
int16, uint1616 bit signed/unsigned integers
int32, uint3232 bit signed/unsigned integers
int64, uint6464 bit signed/unsigned integers
real1616 bit floating point values
real3232 bit floating point values
real6464 bit floating point values
int, uint, realDefault precision integer/floating point values