pcunshaded VEX function

Iterate over all of the points of a read-write channel which haven’t had any data written to the channel yet.

Contexts: image3d, chop, cop, pop, sop, surface, displace, fog, light, shadow, photon, cvex

See also: pcopen, pciterate, pcimport, pcexport

  1. int pcunshaded(int handle, string channel_name)

Like pciterate, this function can be used to iterate over points which were found in a pcopen query. The first argument is the handle returned by pcopen.

However, where pciterate iterates over all the points, this function only iterates over points where the channel in channel_name has not yet been written to.

The function returns 1 while there are points left in the iteration loop, or 0 when there are no further points. This lets you use the function as the condition in a while loop.