Houdini Engine for Maya
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At the moment, the plug-in does not support inputting volumes into a Houdini asset.


Since Maya does not support arbitrary volumes, multiple Houdini volumes that are outputted from the same SOP node are bundled together, and outputted into a single Maya fluidShape node.

The Maya fluidShape node is designed to have a fixed set of volume grids, and all the volume grids have the same resolution. This creates several restrictions for outputting Houdini volumes. The Houdini volumes that are outputted must:

  1. have match one of the names: density, temperature, fuel, vel.[xyz], and Cd.[xyz]
  2. have the same resolutions

Note that for vel.[xyz] volumes, both face-sampled and center-sampled are supported. However, since Maya's fluidShape node requires face-sampled velocity grids, center-sampled velocity volumes will be extrapolated into face-sampled volumes.


Houdini supports VDB volumes, which are efficient for storing sparse volumes. However, Maya doesn't natively support sparse volumes. So while an asset can output VDB volumes into Maya, they would be converted into dense volumes. The effect of this can make the converted volumes much larger amount of memory and be difficult to work with.