Houdini Engine for Unreal
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Houdini LiveLink

The Houdini Live Link, like its name suggest adds Live Link support with Houdini/KineFX. The Houdini Live Link plugin can be used to control rigs in Unreal directly from Houdini


The plugin's binaries can be downloaded from the Git repository, in the Releases section.

After downloading the plugin's release binaries, extract the archive and copy the "HoudiniLiveLink" folder to the Engine/Plugins/Animations folder in Unreal. You can now start Unreal and enable the Houdini Live Link plugin in the "Plugins" window, under Animation. The main LiveLink plugin must be enabled as well.


Binaries and Source Code are available for Unreal 4.25.3. The UE4_LiveLink HDA requires Houdini18.5 as it uses KineFX.

Using the LiveLink

After installing the plugin, a new "Houdini Live Link" source will be available. The LiveLink plugin should be used with the "ue4_livelink" HDA, that is available in the plugin's content directory.

After importing the HDA in Houdini, you can then start the LiveLink server directly on the live link node.


In Unreal, you can then add a new Live Link source (via Windows > Live Link, Add). The Houdini Live Link source will now be available and can be used as an animation controller.