Accelerate your learning

Houdini Training Centers specialize in teaching professionals, instructors and new graduates. Each training center is led by industry experts who offer unique a set of courses. Our newest training centers are:

  • Pearson College | (England) In partnership with Escape Studios, Pearson College intro to Houdini, Dynamics, Tools and Pipelines, Advanced VFX and Houdini Games courses. The courses range from 1 week to 3 months.  
  • Pluralsight | (Online) They offer a free 10-day trial and a number of learning paths from Houdini basics to VFX, hair/fur and crowd tutorials. Each tutorial comes with a transcript, exercises files and a learning check to test your knowledge. 
  • GameTutors | (Online) This online training offers learning paths to get started with Houdini in games. They cover everything from Procedural Foundation to Procedural System courses.
  • RD Innovations | (Germany) This center offers bespoke training with over a decade of film, VR and AAA video game experience. Training is typically 1-3 days and tailored to the topic and learning level of participants.
  • SideFX Training Center | (California) Interested in getting your team tooled up? Contact us to set up training for your team!

Interested in becoming a Houdini Training Center?

Our aim is to increase adoption and build quality Houdini skills. We understand that each training center has unique goals and offerings, so we ‘d like to work with you one a case-by-case basis to define our collaboration. Ideally, we would like to play a matchmaking role, directing industry artists, instructors or students who want to learn Houdini to you.  This means we will:

  • Build awareness & promote you: On our website, industry events and to customers.
  • Training:  Access to our lead instructors to collaborate on training material and curriculum.
  • Free licenses for instructors: Yip, that’s right.
  • Access to beta version: We’ll give you access to our beta version before a release so that you can get a head start on playing with new features.

What we’d like to request:

  • Tutorials: Once a quarter if you could create a short tutorial to fill a gap in learning material we’ve noted.
  • Monthly Meetings: We’d just like to check in to see if there are resources that we can forward you or if you have any questions to our lead instructors.
  • Outreach: If there are outreach activities to prospective customers in your region we may ask you to join us to conduct in house training. This would give you the chance promote your center and broker relationships with future clients.