How do I license Houdini Indie?

The Houdini Indie license is composed of 3 keystrings:

  • Houdini Indie - This will open the graphical Indie interface
  • Renderer (Non-Commercial) - Mantra Render
  • Karma (Non-Commercial) - Karma Render

With Houdini 18.5 there are now 3 ways to license Houdini Indie:

Install license locally

Install the Houdini Indie license locally on your machine. You are issued 2 Indie licenses for the purchase of 1 license. These 2 licenses can be installed on 2 machines (for the use by 1 artist), or on a dual-boot machines. These licenses can be moved to a new machine 10x per year.

Purchase the Houdini Indie license from Steam

This allows you to launch 1 Houdini session on as many machines as you want. Only 1 Houdini session open at a time.

Houdini Indie on Steam

Use Login Licensing (new in 18.5)

Use as your license server. Your Houdini Indie license can be accessed from our license server onto any of your machines. Login licensing requires you to be constantly logged in with you SideFX account.

For more information see: