How do I set up networking for sesinetd.options?

Ensure that your license IP masks are set to match your network type (class B, class C, or a specific list of subnets). If not, contact

Obtaining licenses requires two processes. One being the actual "checkout" of the license, which is handled by the IP mask of the license installed. The second being the ability to read from the license server itself. This is controlled by the sesinetd.options file on the license server.

This file should contain the following:

-V 2 -z 250000 -m

plus any other options that you would like (all on one line)

For example:

A site has two separate subnets 192.168.*.* and 10.1.*.*

The sesinetd.options file on the license server would contain:

-V 2 -z 250000 -m 192.168.*.*,10.1.*.*

This would allow clients on both subnets to checkout the license (through the IP mask in the keystring) and to read from the license server (through the sesinetd.options file).

The sesinetd.options file is located:

  • Linux: /usr/lib/sesi
  • Windows: From H19 C:\Program Files\Side Effects Software\License Server (Prior to H19 C:\Windows\System32) Note that this file needs to be created first and placed here.
  • Mac: /Applications/Houdini/

For more information about controlling the behaviour of sesinetd, please refer to the sesinetd document.