What do I do if I'm in a Licensing activation loop?

A licensing activation loop is when you are repeated asked to activate Apprentice or install a valid license.

  • If you are using Apprentice or Indie, ensure the server name in the License Administrator matches your current machine name. Apprentice and Indie licenses are node-locked meaning they will look to the local machine itself for licenses. Both the client and server programs run on the same machine.

  • For OSX users: OSX has a unique feature in that it allows remote network routers to change the machine name of the local computer. Your machine name may have changed.

  • Go to File->Change License Server and click the Local Server button. Ensure it matches your machine name. If you are using Indie, ensure the machine name matches the name associated with the licenses.

  • If you are trying to launch Indie, ensure that you have Indie licenses and not only Engine Indie licenses.

  • Please rename your machine using only English characters and numbers, without any accents.

  • Ensure your username for the machine uses only English characters and numbers.

  • Do a full install of Houdini. Install either the Production Build or a Daily Build. Daily builds can be found on our website under Get -> Download -> Daily Builds. Install Houdini making sure to select the License Server component.

  • Ensure that the Houdini license server (sesinetd) and Houdini client (hserver) programs are running.

  • If you are on Windows, ensure that any realtime-virus scanners, security software and firewalls allow communication between the Houdini server (sesinetd.exe) and client (hserver.exe) programs. You may need to whitelist these two executables.

  • If you are on Windows and still encounter a license loop, try creating a new user account on the computer (using only English characters) and see if the software will launch.