What is the Render error: "No licenses could be found to run this application..."?

If you encounter the Render error:"No licenses could be found to run this application. Please check for a valid license server host"?

You need to make sure to have the Render license installed.

If running Houdini Indie or Houdini Apprentice, the render license will be listed as Render (NC) which means non-commercial render.

If you are trying to render using the most recent version of Houdini, the render license must also be at the current version.

For example, if you are trying to render in a Houdini 17.5 session, Mantra will look for a version 17.5 Render license.

Houdini licenses are backwards compatible. This means that you can run older versions of Houdini using the most recent licensed version.

For example, Houdini 17.0 or below will open with a version 17.5 license.

This is true for all Houdini products - FX, Core, Engine, Indie, Apprentice