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Hi !

I installed the Apprentice version on my system:

WinXP PRO on a Intel P3 866
256 Mb RAM , ATI RADEON 8500 (64 Mb) card
80 Ghz Maxtor HD

I am currently doing my 1st steps in the Rocket tutorial and the software crashes about once in 5 minutes
I was only doing the 1st couple of steps - and when launching the Parameters dialog - the program just hangs there for a minute and then crashes

I find the program very interesting and more suitable for my needs than the rest- but it is buggy - What am I to do ?

I figure that if the big names are using it - it shouldn't be crashing a lot

It would be a shame to fall in love with a software that crashes… :-(

Nir :cry:
Hi Nirsul,
In fact, the problems you are having are a result of using the Radeon 8500 video card. Sadly, the ATI drivers are not fully compatible with Houdini. Try downloading the latest drivers they have available, and if you still have problems, please email ATI and ask them for newer/better drivers that are Houdini compatible. We work with ATI to help them get their drivers more compatible with Houdini and if you are able to let them know where you have problems, that helps a lot too!
Glad you're enjoying Houdini!


Peter Bowmar
We work with ATI to help them get their drivers more compatible with Houdini

You do?!
This is great!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've got to admit there was a lot of progress.
As a matter of fact, the latest driver(released on September 12)
works just fine!
Thank you very much for your effort!
Peter Thanks - I will try it now



PS: Where is the sales team - I left them some questions in the email - but got no response… :-(

Nir, again…
There was a problem with checkbox text labes which used to disappear after mousing over them - this is solved (probably) after installing the latest drivers BUT

The main problem - Parameter dialog is crashing my system:

I started by drawing a NURBS curve in the front view and then revolved it - when I opened the Properties dialog - still no problem - I just moved the dialog a bit and then it all stopped and my system was halted.

I will not talk to ATI as it may have inner programming relations of which I 'm not aware, I also doubt that they will test Houdini with the card..

I hope this will be solved some day.

Hi Nirsul,
actually, ATI has Houdini and actively test Houdini, but there are so many card/OS combos it's hard to test them all. Your feedback to them would be very helpful.
You can turn off OpenGL on the card by setting the environment variable


It will be much slower, but should be much less crashy until ATI gets new drivers out.


Peter Bowmar
Peter , hi

Where can I find the palce to change this variable you mentioned ?

Inside Houdini ?

Nir Sullam :?:
Hi Nir,

Go to My Computer -> Properties, then Advanced Tab & click on Environment Variables

In the Environment Variables dialog, click New… under System variables. Type HOUDINI_OGL_SOFTWARE into Variable Name parameter & 1 into Variable Value parameter. Click Ok all the way to the desktop.

If you have Houdini opened, please save your work & restart Houdini.

thanks Steven,
It seem to work fine and slow as expected…

BTW - if you are a part of the SideFX team - do you know by chance where are all the guys from sales ?

I sent two emails but none was returned..


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