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Hi SESI and houdiniks.
How can I align the coordinate system of an object to match exactly another for example a couple of things yo ucan do in Maya and is not easy to do in Houdini, at least for me:
-In Maya you have the joint orient tool, there is something similar in Houdini, or what is the easiest way to do it? At the moment I am using the bone tool to do this.
-Orient constraint in Maya can change the local coordinate system in base of another, really useful to align one object to another, now I am making a mix of parenting, clean transforms, etc … but is there something like align or orient to other object, specially for the handlers, I have tried start orientation picking, but I can't manage it to work properly. This will be very useful to align for example the Z axis to the Z axis of another object and then have the same rotation axis. Some clues.
I a more interested in solutions at object level where almost all the character work is done.
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