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çi have been playing around with bones and the move tool and I really missed a lot the pose tool in H8. I know the pose tool in H9 still exists but by default the s hotkey is now set to select instead of pose and I think that the pose tool regarding to bones is more useful that the move tool.
Will better to have a more intelligent move tool that when you select a bone or a null that is an affector goal autometically the pose tool for this bone chain is activated, in case you are using translation the goal translation handler appears, otherwise if you are using rotation the bones rotation handler appear.
Conceptually for an animator I think is much better because you can change between IK or FX almost using translation or rotation, which the correct way of thinking, animate with IK translating an affector or animate with FK rotating bones.
Also the tool should remember if fot that chain the blend or twist handler have been activated and keep them visible even if the user is using rotations instead of translating the affector.
I think this could be a really usefull RFE.
In the mean time is there any way using scripting to modify the move tool beheviour?
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