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the question is, if i create a custom shader network for my sprites is there a way to visualize that in the viewport??

it's easy to setup a sprites shader to render with mantra,
but the problem is that i want to be able to see the output in the viewport, for example if i create a vopsurface inside which i have some network.
in the render i can see my material on my sprites, but not in the viewport. i tried many approaches and couldn't do it, it always shows the color set in the color pop, while if i add a texture in the opengl tab i can see it on my sprites, but if i set the color in the opengl tab (without adding texture) ntg changes and the colors are those of the color pop.

is it possible to see the shaders in the viewport for objects? what i mean by that is , if for example i attach a checkerboard material or a constant material with a texture to a grid, can i see it directly in the viewport?
because by default i can only see a gray material with some white specs on it, even though if i switch to shader view or i region render i can see the checkerboard or the texture i'm using.

why when i try to use the enable xray for selected objects it doesn't work ? does it need a special treatment or smtg ?

waiting for your answers
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