PArticle Fluid surfacer issues

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Hi there.
Using H9.5.268, I am playing with the Particle Fluid Surface and I have seen some issues, not sure if they are bugs, some implementation limititations or just I am missing something:
- In the docs says that Exclude Lone Particles uses the particle radii to detect particles in the neighbourhood. Can this radii be a point attribute?, In case this attribute doesn't exists then radii is 1 by default?
- When using the pscale attribute in points the mesh generation takes forever. I have tried for instace using in pscale: fit01(rand($ID), .8, .9), just to get random values close to 1 and the mesh generation takes ages compared with not using pscale and set the Point Radius Scale to 1. Why?
- A big drawback of the tool is that many options seems to not work with multithreading, for instance: Exclude Lone Particles or Smoothing. So the impact when applying this options is quite big and the tols turns to be very slow.
- Would be really good to have a list of all the attributes that can be used in the tool.

Anyway the tool is great and do the job pretty well.
Un saludo
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Pablo Giménez
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