How does one create 3D LUTs in Houdini?

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Hi All,

I have no experience with creating 3D LUTs in Houdini, but am interested to learn how this can be done. Does anyone have a quick and simple example that I could use to learn from?

Any help is much appreciated.

Thank you
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Hi P,

This is something I've been looking into recently. While I haven't gotten it working quite yet. These seem to be simple enough to create in ascii….

Version 2
Format any
Type 3D
From 0 1
To 0 1
Black 0
White 1
Length 32
<R> <G> <B>

For a 32x32x32 3D LUT. The colors are stored in Red-first, Green-second, Blue-third order. Conceivably, you could just slap the header (and trailing }) on a chan file containing the 3D data.

Hope this helps!

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