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Hello everyone, first post and all but I need some help for a problem.

Obviously inherit velocity for particles takes whatever object they're attached to and uses that velocity for the particles. This is what we want. However, since keyframed objects do not have a velocity this will not work for characters or hand animated objects.

Is there a way to get Houdini to look at the change in the object over time to automatically calculate velocity? Furthermore, can this be done for surface points so that an animated skeleton would emit particles with various velocities (ex: standing still but waving an arm)?

(what I'm imagining right now is a script that compares this frame with the last frame and spawning particles based off of the differences. I don't quite have the time available to learn the houdini library to implement it in python though)

Thanks for your help! ops:
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no need for scripting
just use Trail SOP with Result Type parameter set to Compute Velocity
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