Houdini won't start on Mac

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Houdini won't open on mac oxs leopard
I have OSX leopard but can't get the program past the splash screen. It just quits. Help please
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I think this has to do with the GCC version.
Leopard uses GCC 4.0, Houdini is built with this, but SnowLeopard uses GCC 4.2.1.

I have the same issue on one of my machines. Tried installing today.

Might also be a permission issue.

I'll keep you posted, if no one else knows what causes this.

I'm downloading the last daily-build now, so, I'll see if the issue persists in that build.


Well, the daily build gave me this:
http://www.mentalhub.com/snaps/houdiniError-1.png [mentalhub.com]

So, launching Houdini from the terminal as root, placed the license successfully:

applepie:~ Chris$ sudo /Applications/Houdini\ 10.0.453/Houdini.app/Contents/MacOS/houdini

So, if you change the permissions on this folder afterwords, with:

sudo chmod 0775 /Library/Preferences/sesi/

The application starts up just fine!

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