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I have just a simple question here.
I have both Houdini 5.5.36 and Houdini 5.5.143 installed, and I am no guru by any means, but i was just curious as to how i know which version is the most current of the two. and i was also curious if i could use the same non commercial license on both versions.

Here's how you read the version numbers.


5 major version number
.5 minor version number
.143 build number

that means it's the 143rd compilation of Houdini 5.5.

So, 143 is greater than 36; 143 is newer.

You can probably use the same non commercial license, but I usually uninstall the old one and delete my keys each time I get a new one, so I'm not sure. You have to renew the licenses every 30 days or so anyway, so there's no real reason to wory about hanging on to your old keys.
thankyou for clearing that up for me.
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