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Full Version: How do I split am object for reforming
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Dragon Ranger
I am woundering how I would split a solid object into two parts so that each is a compleat object. Then be able to fit the peices back to geather with only a seam showing.

first I delete the lower half then move back up the tree and spawn a second delete that removes the opposite half.

when they are merged the original object is restored.

What I want to know is.

How do I Build a surface across the opening of one half that will match the surface that is built over the opening of the second half?

Long winded I know but I have Tried Polyknit and the surfaces do not match.

Thanks Dragon Ranger
Use the “DivideSOP” with “remove shared edges” on ( rest off ),
the ouput are polys from your “holes” in the geometrie. Choose the right one and delete the rest.
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