I am modeling a variation of the obligatory trekie ship and have discovered a few problems, for me atleast, I hope.

I have used an atmospheric to simulate a radiant field, ops: I have got to tone it down a bit.

By the way the green glow in the nacelle is partialy accidental there is a vex metal shader set to green the same as the light and fog.

the field is lite by a dedicated light and the whole thing is parented.
:arrow: Nacelle->field->light

Now for my questions. How do I make the Ramscoop Glow(the red area)?
I currently have a light directed at it, but as you can see it does not work.
I also tried a glass texture and placing the light behind it that did not work either.

And, this may seem unrelated, but is there a way to simulate a light emiting diode(indicator lights)?

http://dragondroid.tripod.com/ [dragondroid.tripod.com]