Houdini Muscle and Skin Toolkit

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Here is my old new project

Before One year I started working on my own muscle and skin digital assets.
Its base on HOM, python and other SOP stuff.

In this moment I am good with HDK. So I started creating plugins which to allow me faster result and much more freedom with algoritm implementations. Methods how create and animate muscle and skin I describe in other posts.

If you want to be in test group send message here or PM, but all plugins will be compile under win64!!! v1.0 for other OS.

Like with bullet implementation, Plugin v1.0 will be published for free using, when will be done.

All progress I will send to this forum.

muscle_skin.jpg (185.5 KB)

https://vimeo.com/user3251535 [vimeo.com]
http://twitter.com/milansuk [twitter.com]
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Sounds great!
I would love to see the progress, and also more details, specially about what in particular are the advantages of switching to hdk. Speed? Different approaches for placing anchors?

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