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At the moment I am trying to build a head with the paste feature. I pasted the eye, mouth and nose area and it worked fine. But I have to apply a transperency map on behind the features. I want to apply circular black textures to the sphere behind the features to ceate the oral cavity and the eye holes. How can I apply this textures and afterwards skin textures and shaders?
Hmm, perhaps my english is not the best. Described in a simple way, I want to put three different textures on one surface on different positions, like posters on a wall i.e. and i want to move them independently.
There must be a way to do this.
I would be very grateful if one can answer this.
why don't you model them separately? then you can apply different shaders to them and move them anywhere you like.

I am just curious. wink

If you model it as a one object, you can apply shader to particular face just as you said a picture on wall, but then you cannot move it around then.
That would be possible, but not in this particular situation. I am modeling a NURBS head with the paste SOP. When I am trying to paste the moutharea with an oral cavity, the base head will penetrate the mouth grid. I used this technique in other 3D packages and put circular gradients on this areas to make them transparent. Now I need three textures to make the base head transparent in the mouth- and the two eyeareas. But how do I put them on the base head? Besides, there are more textures to come, of course.
If you know an answer or a workaround for this problem I would be very happy
Have you gone through the texturing tutorial videos, plus the VOPs texturing tutorials? They cover applying multiple textures to the same surface. Basically, a Layer SOP, followed by a UVProject or UVTexture SOP, then use Layered Surface SHOP shader or custom-made VOPs if you need that flexibility.


PEter B
have you tried to using the .tga texture format? In this format, the black area(alpha channel) will be transparent in your model.

You want the mouth, two eyes area transparent, right? Just edit the head texture in photoshop, create a channel for alpha and save it as tga 32 bits format.

I hope it helps. ?
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