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Hi I would like to know if there are some good tutorials on breaking things? I would like to learn something about the RBD and the fracture systems. I have had a look at Digital Tutors thing, but it is done in Houdini 11 and the project files and the methods used in that tutorial just don't work anymore with the bullet engine. The debris system by cmivfx.com is way to complex I think. Peter Quint also doesn't seem to have something precisely for fracturing systems.

Please help.
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it may be too late, but … please check out

A short and useful one:
http://www.digitaltutors.com/tutorial/68-Voronoi-Dynamic-Fracturing-in-Houdini [digitaltutors.com]

how to artistic control the fracture:
http://www.digitaltutors.com/tutorial/1091-Controlling-Your-Fractures-in-Houdini [digitaltutors.com]

see the third part:
http://cmivfx.com/store/506-Houdini+Embers+And+Ash [cmivfx.com]
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