Bullet ConeTwistConstraint

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I'm trying to destroy a bridge using bullet and conetwist constraint (because spring doesn't work with bullet), with glue network constraint.

Glue network works fine, but I was having some trouble telling Houdini which piece it should constraint to, because it is based on piece numbers (piece0 to piece1, piece1 to piece2 etc.) and it was very messy, but I managed to sort the point numbers along the z-axis so everything looks like they're in correct order. I should point out that the constraint is an approximation distance of the centroids of 2 pieces, so it is not 100% accurate.

While this setup kinda works for me, I would also like to know, if there is any way, I could tell Houdini to constraint to the nearest neighbor piece, or constraint just the points that are overlapping, or points that have different cluster attributes (points along the edges of clusters), or anything that is better than my current setup?

ConeTwist_SortedPoints.hipnc (243.7 KB)

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