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I just found out about the not so new namespace mechanism that allows specifying version number. It seems a great idea.

Now in the context of Orbolt, I look at different existing assets but they seem to have just one version.

I wonder how we can manage major and minor versioning where minor would be bug fixes or adding features that doesn't affect existing behavior by default. On the other hand if I want to create a new interface that breaks compatibility I will need a different major release.

Also I'm curious how we can control the pricing of those updates. For example I could decide that a minor update is free because it fixes a bug and another minor would cost some money because it adds quite a lot of new features, and I guess a new major release would be considered as a new tool… although we might like to give a different price for those who already bought the previous version.

The website versioning is a separate process from the namespace versioning in Houdini. If the name (including extra namespace info) match, then the asset will be versioned up on upload. Website always offers the latest one for download.

If namespace version is incremented, the store will treat it as a new asset. So if the interface has radically changed then that would be a way to go, as it will leave the previous version available. As it's a new asset the price can be set to whatever the author chooses.

Once the user pays for the asset, any updates to that asset are free downloads. The Asset Browser will indicate that there's a new version and let the user synchronise if they choose to. []
Hi Adam,

in this case we probably want to include the major version number part of the asset name because if we don't then how are we gonna call the next major release? Or I could do without and just add v2 in the name if I ever need to do a major upgrade.

However, to find my way between my dev versions and what's pushed to Orbolt I guess I'll have to do my minors in the file name on my computer and rename them to a non-version name before I release it and assume what version is which based on the date only.

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