Windows 7 Home Premium Crash

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Hey, I've got a dual booting machine that can run Houdini just fine in Ubuntu but even so much as dropping a points from volume node on a sphere will crash the session in Windows 7. I can't copy the error in its entirety because it locks up to console but I have a screen shot.

i7-3930K @ 3.20
16GB 2400 visible because.. not windows professional.
Quadro K4000 - 320.50 Drivers <-Do I maybe need to downgrade this?
Houdini 13.343 & 13.314 both result in the same crash.

Also I can disable to scene view, create the nodes and wire them.. but as soon as I middle mouse it to cook, it will crash. The image below is the only bit of the error I can capture. If anyone knows what that means I'd really appreciate it.

Crash.jpg (588.9 KB)

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Have you installed SP1 of Win7? I think that there is an issue with vanilla Win7 and Houdini that was corrected in SP1.
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