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You are all very welcome to contribute to qLib, there are some guidelines to make quality tools and be published in qLib, also there is a google group for the discussion of the tools.

Just follow my signature if You are interested.
You are all very welcome to contribute to qLib, there are some guidelines to make quality tools and be published in qLib, also there is a google group for the discussion of the tools.

Just follow my signature if You are interested.

Hey Daniel, love qLib and it may be a very good thing to contribute to your project instead…

will do.
just want to add that i feel very comfortable in vop sops.
the closest location functionality was the only thing so far I could not figure out right out of the box.
what could help is to translate popular tasks done inside ice trees into vop sops: reading color values from a second object, modulated by distance for instance

I usually use pcopen and pcfilter it works similar to get closest location and in point wrangle is very easy to setup . Here is example.
Paul Griswold
This is a fantastic idea!

I use Motion Tools all the time and can't imagine how hard, if not impossible, it would be for me to recreate that in Houdini with my limited technical ability. I'm in the same boat as Keith - I use things like modulate by null, fcurve, test inside null, etc., for motion graphics projects.

Might I also suggest another guide idea? It would be very cool to have some sort of database or spreadsheet that basically listed ICE nodes and their Houdini equivalent (if it exists) or method to achieve the same function in Houdini.

I totally realize it's not 1:1 and the “Houdini way” is different than ICE, but having some sort of reference where I can quickly look up what I know in ICE so I could then find the Houdini equivalent node or method, would be a huge boost in my ability to move to Houdini.

One thing I've missed a lot is the “UV to Location” node that works on nurbs curves and surfaces which lets you feed in a u or v coordinate (or array of coordinates) and evaluate the curve (say, to get P, Normal, and Tangent) at that parametric location.

BTW in case anyone else wonders, support (excellent as always) pointed me to the Primitive Attribute node… which is basically the primuv() vex function.

Good to know.

Though not sure why the naming is not just “Prim UV” (more obvious, easier to find?)…

anyone ever ported any ICE nodes to Houdini? Are they somewhere to find? I assume not.

I was promised by Jeff W, that they will add it in Houdini, but you know Jeff..
Hi guys,
Just stumbled across this thread. Lots of really good ideas here.

If you haven't seen it already, I've started an open source Houdini library called siLib. (At the moment, there are some nodes that allow you to apply noise in a way that's an improvement on Houdini's built in nodes, see

But now that that's finally out there, I'd like to start looking at streamlining some of the workflows in Houdini in a more “Softimage” way. Locations are one particular thing I have my eye on, and Todd's suggestion of implementing a UV to Location node is a great one. The idea would be not to just create a single node, but a suite of compatible nodes that add a whole new Location workflow to Houdini. I'm wondering if VOP structs might offer a way of making Locations a first class data type in Houdini which would be awesome. I still need to read up on it.

Anyway…like I said, there's already some great thoughts in this thread. It'd be good to discuss how we might develop them further and if there are any other key concepts that might be deserving of their own suite of nodes?

If anyone is interested in collaborating on any of this, do let me know. We also have a Google Group set up here: []

This is totally awesome and surely a great addition to our toolset… Noise has been very annoying at times..

thanks Andy.
Hi, I've been doing some basic subnets VOPs and HDAs, some are XSI like, others not so much, wondering what would be the best way to interact with this initiative.

Jonathan Moore2
@probiner, we have a Google group set up where any ex XSI users can contribute to the project which Andy Nicholas is leading on. Looking through those VOP assets suggests you have many worthy candidates for inclusion. Especially promising to see some VOP alternatives for working with arrays. The array nodes in XSI where excellent and to achieve equivents workflows in Houdini means it's Wrangle time (intimidating for many artists coming over to Houdini from XSI).!forum/houdini-silib

By the way, you know me as @LateralPixels over on your excellent Discord board.
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