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Full Version: Houdini 5.5.208 on RedHat 7.3
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(I from Russia)

Hi, I have a big trable!
After install Houdini (/usr/hfs5.5) I create script (#!bin/csh etc).
Runing script “Houdini envir… initialized”
Run HOUDINI “can't found or such directory dsolib/*.so”

What is it???
What to do????
Could you copy & paste post your script here?
We're running the same thing here, and it works fine. I suspect the fault lies in you script - you could either post the script as Edward suggest, or just be sure to cd /usr/hfs5.5 and

source houdini_setup

and it will work…
If you need to do something more than that, perhaps you could tell us what you're trying to do and there should be a solution…


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