H15 distributed render camera window shift issue

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Hey all,

I was wondering if anyone else has seen this issue. I have two macs with separate licenses of houdini indie installed. H15 starts up correctly on each machine. I can render (non distributed) 1920x1080 images on both. But if I try to do a distributed render referencing both machines with the -H mantra flag on the driver/command line of the rop the camera window seems to revert to 1280x720 framing but keeps the 1920x1080 resolution for the window so the image gets shifted.

This appears if I render to mplay or to disk. If I do a distributed render in a renderview it looks correct.

It used to work fine, I am not sure when the issue introduced itself.

Any help would be appreciated. I included two images, correct and not and a simple hou file I was able to repro the issue with. You will have to plug in your own second machine in the command line if you test.


camerawindow.hiplc (150.7 KB)
camerawindowissue.0002.jpg (38.1 KB)
camerawindowissue.0001.jpg (48.2 KB)

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