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A-OC []

C&C welcome
wow, these look really nice! One recommendation I would have is to see if you can make the slime more gradually dissapear into the work as the worms move far away from each other (right now it looks like the slime simply dissapears). Some slime in the table would be awesome too! looking great!
Agreed, nicely done! Maybe a bit of a bump map and break up in the specular, they look like very clean worms. Similarly maybe try and get some size variation in the rings, they're also geometrically perfect worms.

They're defying gravity a little bit, if you watch it a few times they don't sag onto each other in the way you'd expect floppy saggy worms would do. Maybe take the result of the sim and run it through a solid solver, get that saggy FEM sim going?

A solver sop to get a wet map on the table, so they all leave a slimy trail?

They're all very nit-picky points, really great work!
So glad you liked it. In fact I was thinking for a couple of days about how to make it gradually disappear, but I didn't come up with something so i left it like that. Now that you mention it I'll give it another shot.

Breaking up the specular and varying the ring's size sound great suggestions too.

It's actually a FEM sim that was kind of slow so I couldn't iterate enough times.

I didn't think about a wet map on the floor! That should be pretty easy to add.

Thanks a lot for taking the time.
I have to agree > great work , love the sticky stuff !

Nicolas Heluani
Ok, it took me a while but your post reminded me of this:
Sam Hancock worm []

Looking great! I will love to see the final product!
HI,I am new to Houdini, and I am studying the effect of a group of worms crawling on an object. But now I encounter some problems, there will be interspersed between worms, do not know how to solve it? can you help me? Looking forward to your reply, thank you very much!
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