Houdini under ubuntu 14.04 problems

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I write because I have a problem with houdini 15.5.523

in my computer I have a Graphical device: Nvidia Geforce GT 630M.

I created a virtual machine (virtual box) and installed ubuntu 14.4. then houdini 15.5.523. apprentice version

When a I try to create a polygon I have this error:

Crash report from joe; Houdini Version 15.5.523
Uptime 58 seconds
Tue Jul 26 09:03:32 2016
Caught signal 8

Traceback from 2513 ThreadId=0x7f136d3ee240
AP_Interface::coreDumpChaser(UTsignalHandlerArg) <libHoudiniUI.so>
AP_Interface::si_CrashHandler::chaser(UTsignalHandlerArg) <libHoudiniUI.so>
signalCallback(UTsignalHandlerArg) <libHoudiniUT.so>
UT_Signal::UT_ComboSignalHandler:perator()(int, siginfo*, void*) const <libHoudiniUT.so>
UT_Signal::processSignal(int, siginfo*, void*) <libHoudiniUT.so>
_L_unlock_13 <libpthread.so.0>

What is the problem?

Thank you
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You can't run accelerated graphic operation through virtual machines.
You are better off partitioning the drive and “really” installing Ubuntu on it's own partition.
Using Houdini Indie 19.5.
Ubuntu 64GB Ryzen 16 core.
nVidia 3050RTX 8BG RAM.
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