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Full Version: Killing Houdini process from cygwin
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I hate to admit, but I have to run windows at work and one of the things I miss most about Linux is being able to kill Houdini with segmentation fault signal, whenever it froze. Does anyone know how to achieve the same with Windows and/or Cygwin? I can kill the process, just not force saving the crash file, which is what I need.

Six years down the line, that's still really sad. But that's probably nothing SideFX can fix easily and more of a Windows thing.
A bit late for this thread but you can still kill houdini from the command line on Windows using the "taskkill" command, it just won't save your hip file like on Linux. (And "tasklist" on Windows is like "ps" on Linux.)

e.g. To kill all running Houdini FX processes:
taskkill /f /im houdinifx.exe
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