Combining wet sand with animated position

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I want to create two snowballs being thrown together and breaking. I've done some research and the best solution I think is use Houdini wet sand and to render it with snow material. Perhaps this is wrong and you can correct.

In my research i've downloaded Houdini Apprentice to try and test. I've got a sphere and a floor. When I apply the wet sand I can change the parameters to make it more snow like. When I simulate it looks good, and breaks up on obects that I put underneath it.

However What if I want to animate some velocity. When I animate my sphere to move, then apply wet sand, Houdini makes a new object because it doesn't like transforming the simulation.

Is there anyway to to simulate “throwing” wet sand?

Thank you
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In the generated DOP Network, you'll find a POP Source node. Under the attributes tab, you can set an initial velocity. For example, you can “set initial velocity” in the drop down and specify a velocity vector.


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