calling hython from script and get the processed data

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I have a script named A which invokes hython like this'path to the hython command'+' '+'path to script B'+' '+'path to hip file')
what script B contains is:
import sys
args = sys.argv
print args
  hou.hipFile.load( args[1] )
except hou.LoadWarning, e:
  print e
renders = hou.node('/out').allSubChildren()
so the basic idea is to use hython to open a scene, process it, and get some info back(in my case,“renders”).
so how to get data back from or are there other ways to do so?

Any ideas would be appreciated !
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You can look into using POpen instead []. This way you get a handle and can create a polling loop to review response from the spawned process. However, the app that you launch has to have been written to provide such feedback. Some apps, such as render engines, have a parameter you supply on launch that will trigger progress feedback information as the process runs.
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