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Hi there, (ex softie here)

learning indie, following along with some tutorials from Rohan Dalvi, going well but I've got an issue i can't fathom. Sometimes when dialing in numbers into a parameter it wont take the exact number I've typed, eg I type 0.036 return and it gives me 0.035999999999999997. This is rather unhelpfull as this is a bevel i'm trying to match with another object which has the bevel offset at 0.036

I'm working at the scale set in the tutorial (making a bus) which occupies around 10 units for the width of the bus.

So is this normal behaviour?

I've clipped out all extraneous stuff and attached a file in the technical desktop.

I would be well chuffed if this isn't something i'm just going to have to live with.


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you'll have to deal with it as that's not Houdini specific, Houdini seems to be just nice enough that it will sometimes show you a value that is much more precise representation of the actual value than rounded one you may see or you see in other softwares, not sure if it's an intention though

It doesn't mean your values are not the same, it's just how floating point numbers work
since 64bit float can't exactly represent 0.036 []
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There's a little hidden button, just to the left of the input field that will show 0.036 instead of the accurate value.

PS. surprised that 3 quadrillionths quintillionths of a value would concern anyone tbh
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