Houdini Engine Upgrade

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Great news!…

As of April 12, 2017, we have made four exciting new changes to Houdini Engine licenses:

1) All Houdini Engine floating licenses have been automatically upgraded to Global Access Licences for no additional cost - allowing you to to use your licenses on the cloud

Until today, Houdini Engine floating licenses were available as either Local Access, which could only be used in a single facility, or Global Access, which could be shared with remote facilities or used on the cloud. Now all Houdini Engine floating licenses are Global Access, yet retain the same price as the Local Access licenses.

2) Weekly rentals have been added to the existing annual and monthly rental options for greater flexibility – price is $35 USD for seven consecutive days

3) Monthly rental pricing has been significantly reduced - from $195 per month, to $100 per month - making short-term rentals an even more viable option - this shift aligns with the rental price drops for other Houdini products

4) Annual license volume pricing has shifted from pre-defined ‘packs’ (eg 5-pack, 10-pack) to a sliding scale for volume discounts - prices will remain virtually the same, but it will now be easier to rent in odd number increments

Other notes on Houdini Engine:
  • Weekly, monthly and annual rentals will be available through our web store, making them available 24/7
    Houdini Engine annual workstation licenses are still available - priced at $499 USD
  • At the time of rental through the web store, you can choose to postpone the start date for the licenses by up to 7 days
  • As usual, all Houdini Engine licenses include a Mantra rendering token, which will also be upgraded from local to global access
  • Floating licenses are for studio use only - businesses wanting to offer a rendering service should contact SideFX to discuss a business arrangement
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