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Full Version: has anyone tried baking curves out?
Root » Houdini Engine for Unreal » has anyone tried baking curves out?
UE4 has a CurveFloat asset type. You can use them with Timelines. Has anyone tried exporting animation curves from Houdini into CurveFloats in UE4?
I know that if you export an FBX that has blendshapes from Houdini, those come into UE with editable animation curves. No idea if this helps in your case.
Thanks. I haven't tried anything yet, it's just a random thought at this point.

Basically, I've used CurveFloat assets with FTimeline in the past. I was thinking it might be neat to export them directly from Houdini. I suppose I could use python to export that anim curve data and load it up in UE4 somehow. It's all very fuzzy right now, but I might experiment with this.
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