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Full Version: Getting selection tags/vertex map of different pieces of the geometry.
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I follow a a few numbers of tutorials of Entagma/Cineversity about Houdini and how to work with the engine.

Very useful tutorials but I don't find what I have to do to export the vertex map or selection tags into the parametric mesh. []

In this tutorial Noseman explains very clear how to use and create the generated asset, when the new mesh is generated in Cinema 4D, it comes with the selection tags and vertex map. I have downloaded the asset and try to find out what it's the node that bring this info out.

Use a Group SOP in Houdini to define selections in C4d.
Any primitive group, will become a polygon selection, and any point Group will become a Point selection. The name is the “Group Name” in the Group SOP parameters.
To create Vertex maps, just assign any attribute to any point or primitive (polygon).

Does that answer your question?
Hi Noseman,

thanks for the reply.

I understand the theory but I still don't know how to apply it. I am looking at the asset you made for the entagma tutorial. Whenever I add a geometry into your asset in Cinema 4D it creates 2 selection tags and 1 vertex map tag.

“Does that answer your question?” More or less.

I was looking into your asset in Houdini, but I don't find yet in which node you are creating the selection tags and vertex map inputs. I think if I just understand this example I will be able to translate it into my own projects.

The “attribcreate1” SOP that creates the “pscale” attribute is the one that comes as a vertex map.
In the Solver SOP, the Group node creates the “group1” selection.
The other group (–ungrouped_group) is a default selection the asset creates in c4d. It's not explicitly declared in Houdini, so forget about it, as it's automatic.

Having said that, I assume you are new to Houdini. Attributes and Groups are some of the first things you need to get used to.
Houdini is NOT a 3D software you can learn intuitively by looking at files alone. You need to watch many tutorials.
I have been using Houdini for a couple of years, and the only things I know is how to create attributes and groups :-)

Please tell me if you got it to work.

Hey Noseman,

thanks for the feedback, very clear now.

Yeah, I am new to Houdini, I have purchased the indie version 2 weeks ago. I am looking for interesting tutorials and exporting into C4D. The huge stuff like attributes and coding I will learn very slowly… too much complex things

In fact, I asked the question of how to create groups because I followed an Entagma tutorial, about the creation of a Mineral, and I wanted to export it with different selection tags in order to proper texture in Cinema 4D.
Have you watched that tutorial? The asset is created by the use of 3 Booleans nodes. I made my little own adjustments, and after your feedback I was able to create 3 groups for selection tags, however I am not able to export it correctly.

I have exported it so many times… obj, abc, fbx, no one is giving me the same input. Fbx, gave me the full mesh without selections tags, alembic gives me the 3 selection tags but no geometry, obj gives me one mesh per group but it shows only 2 geometries, the first and the second group. (the 3rd, the last boolean, is not exported)

I have attached the houdini file, maybe if you have some time you could check it. Anyway, thanks for all the tips!


Just jumping back into this

I have created what seems like primitive groups from a volume mesh based on a reference mesh - it's a texture projection sort of thing

What I can't seem to do is just get these Attribute Transferred primitives out into C4D as selection tags…
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