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Full Version: RFE. Expand Arrays functionality ease alike ICE. Community check.
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Ok, I'm going to file a feature request so we can deal with arrays either in vops or vex with the same simplicity we can deal with in ICE without explicit looping, with automatic promotion, shortening and proper visualization.

I'm using the + operation in these examples but consider most math operations being easily used with arrays.

array + array

Two arrays used in a simple arithmetic operation.

[1,2,3] + [4,5,6]
= [5,7,9]

Two arrays of different size. The longest one is shortened, this way there's no default value required for all operations, unlike if the shortest one would be size up instead.
Guaranteeing that they are both the longest size is something reasonable to leave to the user to manage per case.
[1,2,3] + [4,5,6,7,8]
= [5,7,9]

array * single

Array and single value being added together.

[1,2,3] + 2
= [3,4,5]


Array being displayed. Atm we can't see them properly in Houdini.


I'm not seeing any conflict with existing VEX functionalities and I think this covers a lot of array functionalities with the ease we are used to in ICE.

Let me know if I'm having any blind spots before I file it.
Quite surprised by the silence on this since Arrays were sort of the bread and butter of ICE setups. RFE filled, let's see…
Jonathan Moore2
Just replied to you in the siLib thread as I agree arrays are a real weakness in VOPs when compared to equivalent ICE workflows. Obviously it would be great if SideFX could provide native VOP solutions but one of the aims of the siLib library is to fill those gaps; so any ideas you have would be greatfully recieved.
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