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Full Version: any chance to see Houdini friendlier to touchscreen devices?
Root » Houdini Lounge » any chance to see Houdini friendlier to touchscreen devices?
I currently own an indie license for my surface book laptop and I'm experiencing a lack of support for the touchscreen: for instance, I can only rotate the camera in the viewport…
not even the most basic “two fingers” zoom seems to be supported.

I understand that ligth touchscreen devices might not be a priority for a software mainly used for heavy simulations, but I love killing the time with Houdini on my laptop when I'm on the move and would be great to see some basic touchscreen implementation…

Two years from your original post I'm here to really agree with you Anyone who's tried use a mouse on a plane or Houdini with a touchpad will too. I think Houdini is a really good candidate for a touchscreen!
+1, I'm getting cramps in my fingers from too much mousing. I am switching to an intuos indefinitely and I've been wondering about Houdini + Cintiq, which is how I found this thread. Cintiq and Multitouch for Photoshop, Zbrush and Houdini would be awesome…I'm looking for an excuse to splurge on one and never use a mouse again. Wanna get the attention of other graphics artists? Support the industry standard tools they already use!
Yes! It's can be very useful. Recently I very often used houdini on different devises (iPad with SplashTop) because I need to be flexible and not attached to the place.
how has the touchscreen industry been doing during Covid 19 i wonder…

(prolly pivoted to hand sanitisers to survive)
Hey, guys. Recently got a razerblade with touchscreen for show lighting pre programming. Houdini is a joy to use on this thing, would love to be able to zoom in the viewport and node network using 2 finger gestions on my touch screen!
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