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I've created an animation of an asteroid. There is a background of stars, the asteroid starts in the lower-right corner and travels to the left, while getting closer, and rotating.

The rendering is done at 284 x 388, 240 frames. I realize this is not very good resolution, but I thought it was a good start, to show my work in progress. I am uploading the file as a WMV file, 160 Kbps, in order to keep the file small, it's only 403 KB.

Asteroid_ScottVal.wmv (402.3 KB)

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the biggest issue right off the boat here is how bright the entire animation is. Space in value is a very dark, and empty place. The BG feels like not only is it a wallpaper and not taking the facts of what a real no mans land is but feels like its a very bright version of space.

Almost like a few games called Metriod prime. Also this is very grainy, sandy and fuzzing. It is good you tell us its not a good resolution. Nature wise, I think slowing down the rotations it is doing may help and scaling the camera so the scene can get a feel of its size or more….solid nature.
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