Animated Sales Video. Where do you get them from?

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I usually tend to answer questions in this forum, but I have to ask this as I can't seem to find a good source anywhere.

I came across the sales video of ultimatedemon. com and seolinkmonster. com. They both seem very similar and catchy. I like that cartoon style.
I was wondering if someone here knows what software they used to create them.
In general I can't really find any good and easy to use software to create animated sales video []. I came across some companies that ask for over $1000 per minute for creating those sales videos. Others offer some rather cheap software that will probably scare away more customers than attract them.
So if anyone know's of a good software or of a good affordable company, please let me know.

Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you.
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Moin, Joe,

I'll go out on a limb here and claim: You can make those videos in almost any kind of video software, from some better equipped video editors through comping tools up to 2d animation and 3d DCC. If you are only looking for the 2d parts, any cheap bone-rig-capable software (clip studio, toonboom etc) will do.
If you want to have 3d “effects” and just make them look 2d, you probably want to disable all kind of shadowing and play with illuminated polygons - just as an example.

1000 Dollar per minute sounds absolutely reasonable if not “a steal” if what the company provides is “the whole package” from storyboard through character design, rigging, animation, rendering, texting, voice over (a good voice actor takes 200 Dollar from that share already, though for the whole sequence probably). I have done some rigging and animation for a company that uses “modo” for 2d-looking documentary videos that are actually built on real-world-like 3d models, so the client can get any angle, any perspective and any motion she wants. Since I was a hired gun, I cannot tell the exact rate they called up, but I am pretty sure it's in about the same range, if not somewhat higher (considering that there was a lot of industrial models to be created).

You can go “cheaper” for sure if what you need is more on the “move some shapes around” side of things, if you provide detailed storyboard and voice-over text, maybe do the voicing yourself etc.

In short: The question here, in my world, is not what software to use - you could do it in Krita, if you want to go “free” - but the “know how”, all the tiny stuff that goes into movie-making, even if it's “only” an ad.


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