Constant Particle point number

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I am trying to create a trail of smoke for an explosion.

I am emitting smoke form a spray painted sphere which is copied on to the particles.

The particles are emitted from a sphere along its normal.Its velocity is mapped to the varying normal length of the sphere.

The issue is that the point number of the particles changes after a particle dies.

Say there are two points emitted, A and B .There point numbers are 0 and 1 respectively. A(0) emitted first and then B(1).

After A(0) dies the point number of A is shifted to B(0).

I assume because of this Shift in point number the smoke sort of jumps from point 0 to 1 .The emission during this jump time creates a line of smoke.

any help regarding this is much appreciated.

please refer to the images.

Also I have attached the hip file. please check.Thank you.

Frame_2.jpg (225.4 KB)
Frame_6.jpg (236.8 KB)
Explosion_Trail_v005.hip (964.6 KB)

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This is one of the main rules of point number.

The Point number should always start from 0 and that's why it changing when on particle dying.

You should use id attribute instead of point number.

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