PyroFx shader not in Shop?

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Iv'e been following this tutorial and when it comes to the shader, his one seems to appear in the “Shop” whereas, nothing appears when I go into the Shop tab. I noticed he was using a different version of Houdini and I wanted to know whether the material shader had been placed elsewhere or if there was another reason why I do not see it under the Shop tab.

Tutorial - []
Time: 13:33 - You see the material shader inside the Shop
I am using the Pyro Fx Explosion which is the second one when you click under the “Pyro FX” tab.

I'm currently using Houdini 16.0.736 which I believe is the latest build.

no shader.JPG (213.3 KB)

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As of Houdini 16.0, most materials are in “mat” instead of “shop”, so that might solve that mystery.

Also, there are newer versions of Houdini [], if you're interested. The latest daily build is 16.5.315, the latest production build is 16.5.268, and the latest build of 16.0 is 16.0.812.
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