Emit Constrained, Fratured Packed RBDs from the Debris emission of RBDs splitting apart.

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Hello, thanks for any help in advance!

I know there are a few threads and tutorials out there for something similar, but I can not seem to find anything on exactly what I need. Seems like everyone emits particles from geo using SOPsolvers, but not simply an actual particle emission from DOPS. I thought it would be simple to swap out the SOP emission with POP emission but it eludes me.

I have some concrete blocks, fractured with booleans and constrained, falling and breaking apart.
I am emitting particles (using Debris tool) from the fracture as it breaks. All fine so far.

I want to then rotate/transform more fractured packed primitive RBD chunks (also constrained!) instanced to the particles (which die after 1 frame, just need their velocity and rotation), that then will break into smaller bits.

It seems simple to setup but again I can not figure out how to mix it all together in one DOP that works correctly.

Bottom line is I need to have a few large RBD bits fall and break, emit smaller chunks using particles, without having to actually fracture the large bits into tons of pieces. I want to use this Debris/Packed Prim technique to save memory and large scale RBD sims.

Any help is greatly appreciated, sick of banging my head!
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