Raspberry pi and HQueue

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Hey guys,

I've a cluster of raspberry pi's (8 of them, connected, which is expandable!!). And yes, although they're not that powerful, has anyone ever experimented with using them as a kind of slave for HQueue jobs?

Yes, I'm aware the power won't be much. But I'm not doing it for huge simulations, or render jobs. Just home hobby stuffy - and making use of several pi's that aren't doing much at the moment.

Just a thought. It'd be nice to hear of any successes or failures before I spend more time thinking about it!

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I haven't tried running HQueue on raspberry pi but in theory it should work. If you use the pi for just the client and not the server (i.e. install the server on something else) then that should be ok. The HQueue client software is pretty lightweight and doesn't require a lot of power to run.

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